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William Ducker Produces Coating To Potentially Neutralize SARS-CoV-2 Virus on surfaces


Chemical Engineering Professor William Ducker and his team have been at work in their lab to produce a film coating that has the potential to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 Virus on surfaces.  

Professor Ducker says he is working on a “coating that you can put over everyday objects, like a phone or a doorknob or a faucet handle or something like that. And then the virus lands on that and then it has to move from being in the liquid droplets onto the surface. And then when it touches the surface the surface will inactivate it by changing the structure by denaturing the surface and by collapsing the viral envelope around it, the virus no longer becomes viable to infect another person.”

"The coating would have benefits beyond healthcare.  As Ducker points out, it would “help morale with everybody because we're all paranoid about touching things all the time. I mean, how often do we do that? When I walk into the building, I have to use a swipe card, pull open the door. It's really bad that we have to be worried about that.”

Professor Ducker noted that not many people call the virus by its real name, SARS-Coronavirus-2. As there was also a Coronavirus “1”, in the future we may be confronted with more strains, He wants to work on solutions to kill any future Coronavirus “3” now, before it gets here.