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Vicki Soghomonian

Assoc Professor AY
Department of Physics (MC 0435)
311 Robeson Hall
850 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg VA 24061

Field of Research: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Research in the area of experimental solid state phsyics and chemistry.
Areas of reseach include:

  • zeolite-like materials for energy applications
  • hybrid inorganic/organic systems
  • biomolecular systems
  • organic semiconductors

A major thrust in the group is the synthesis and characterization of novel materials, with desired functionality, through various chemical methods. Physical characterization methods ranging from x-ray crystallography to various spectroscopies to provide a structural understanding for the observed electronic properties measured. The overall aim is to correlate synthesis conditions to resulting electrical characteristics - ionic and electronic conductivities- from a fundamental as well as an applied perspective for materials discovery.

Left: SEM image of a single crystal of a zeolite-like electrically conducting material
Middle: structure down a axis with template molecules indicated by ellipses
Right: structure down the 111 direction
AFM image of lambda DNA bundles,
stretched between two Au electrodes on mica.
Image size, 18 x 18 micron, height (min/max) 54 nm.
Electrode gap, 7 micron.
Organic semiconductor deposition
unit utilzed in pentacene
thin film growth
for organic devices.

SEM image of
Vanadium based nanowires,
synthesized by the
hydrothermal route.

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  • The National Science Foundation: "Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolite-like mixed conductors" DMR-1206338.
  • The National Science Foundation: EAGER: "Electrically Conducting Zeoate Frameworks: Synthesis, Characterization and Energy Applications" DMR-0943971.
  • The National Science Foundation: NIRT grant "Zeolitic materials for nanoscale electronics and quantum computation"
  • State of Ohio Hayes Investment Fund grant "Ohio nanoscale patterning consortium".